- To provide quality products and service to our customers in health and safe conditions without damaging the natural environment and human,
- To meet the demands of our customers in an effective manner and to go beyond the demands of customer with continuous improvements,
- To eliminate systematically the problems of our customer by analyzing root cause,
- To provide responsive working for the product and service quality, environment, safety and health conditions of their activities with a common responsibility consciousness by providing training to our all employees from top unit to the smallest unit,
- To ensure working each member within our organization in happy, efficient, comfortable, safe and healthy environment for his common purpose regardless of the cost,
- To improve energy efficiency in our consumptions with the nonrenewable energy source regarding the activities conducted by us and to use renewable energy resources in the applicable conditions,
- To use efficiency natural resources and to make studies for reducing the consumption,
- To dispose hazardous waste resulting from our activities in accordance with the requirements legal regulations,
- To make team work in the evaluations of recyclable wastes and to create the activity plan, - To study for reducing the risks concerning the dangers of the environment and information security, the work accidents and/or occupational diseases and to provide a safe working environment in every sense,
- To provide to be only accessed the information by authorized persons, to protect from unauthorized modifications and to ensure the establishment of the necessary systems in order to become aware when changed,
- To ensure uninterrupted continuation of the primary and supporting business activities,
- To take the necessary measure against any income and/or opportunity loss arising from the covers within Information Security System,
- To comply with all legal requirements that we are also obliged to comply while meeting customer needs and expectations,
- To improve continually the effectiveness and all conditions in all circumstances ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 requirements,
Our sense of “achievement” is our level to perform these commitments economic and profitable way.

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