With its banking experience, private sector experience, qualified work force and current foreign relations from its establishment in 2003 to today, MERETUK TEKSTIL LTD. STI. renewed its title as MERETUK IC VE DIS TIC. A.S. in 2013.

MERETUK A.S. which is always one step ahead of its competitors due to its experience and knowledge brought by years aims to lead the industry with its modern and dynamic structure as being aware of the difference and responsibilities.

In this path we stepped on as a family company, aiming to be the “best” with customer-oriented strategy, giving enough attention to human resources, not forgetting that development comes from creating resources, accepting work ethic and honesty a must have condition and being a world player with the awareness of giving power to our country are our basic principles.
Board Chairman : M. Emre MERETUK
  Dollar : 6.6672 / 6.6792   Euro : 7.2849 / 7.2980
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